2018-2019 Coaching Staff


2018 - 2019 COACHING STAFF

Youth Academy Director: Carter Robbins
  Age Group Level of Play Boys Coaches   Age Group Level of Play Girls Coaches
11U 08 Black Classic Open Chris Day   08 Lady Black Classic Open Ron Talley
  08 White Classic 2nd CJ Denning   08 Lady White Classic 2nd Ron Talley
  08 Silver Classic 2nd/select Lorenzo Rodriguez   08 Lady Silver Select Bailey Turner
12U 07 Black Classic Open Chris Day   07 Lady Black Classic Open Jennifer Cristy
  07 White Classic Open Matt Mulvena   07 Lady White Classic 2nd CJ Denning
  07 Silver Classic 2nd Andy Purcell        
  07 Bronze Classic 2nd/Select TBD        
13U 06 Black Classic Open Chris Day   06 Lady Black Classic Open Kelsey Perrell
  06 White Classic 2nd Erik Casterline   06 Lady White Classic 2nd Bailey Turner
  06 Silver Classic 2nd TBD   06 Lady Silver Classic 2nd/Select TBD
  06 Bronze Select Von Allen        
14U 05 Black Classic Open Nick Sakiewicz/David Upchurch   05 Lady Black Classic Open Josh Windley
  05 White Classic Open Nick Pizzino   05 Lady White Classic 2nd Andy Purcell
  05 Silver Classic 2nd Carlos Vargas   05 Lady Silver Classic 2nd TBD
  05 Bronze Classic 2nd TBD        
15U 04 Black NC Premier Josh Windley/EJ O'Keeffe   04 Lady Black NC Premier Keith Fontaine
  04 White Classic 1st Adam Ross   04 Lady White Classic 2nd Gary Olive
  04 Silver Classic 2nd Josh Brown        
  04 Bronze Select Chris Barrett        
16U 03 Black Region 3 Premier Chris Day/Josh Gillon   03 Lady Black Classic 1st Harry Sherwood
  03 White Classic 2nd Chris Glover        
  03 Silver Classic 2nd Carlos Vargas        
  03 Silver(South) Classic 2nd Scott Beckom        
17U 02 Black NC Premier David Upchurch   02 Lady Black Classic 2nd Rustin Thomas
  02 White Classic 2nd Taylor Olive   02 Lady White Classic 2nd Erik Casterline
  02 Silver Classic 2nd TBD        
18U 01 Black Classic 1st Travis Morris   01 Lady Black NC Premier Sarah Denton
  01 White Classic 2nd Erik Casterline        
  01 White (South) Classic 2nd JJ Culen        
19U 00 Black NC Premier Scott Reitnour   00 Lady Black Classic 1st David Upchurch
  00 White NC Premier Corey Speed   00 Lady Black (South) Classic 2nd Rick Maness
  00 Silver Classic 1st Kevin Gentile   00 Lady White (South) Classic 2nd Robb Pigg


**Highlighted Teams** -These tryouts will be held June 1st, 6-8pm at NCUSA Soccer Park.  All registrations must be completed through the PTFC Tryout Registration process.


NCUSA Soccer Park Address:  279 Jackson Ave, Lexington, NC, 27295