PTFC Club Expansion News!

PTFC Club Expansion News!

PTFC Club Expansion News...

Piedmont Triad Football Club (PTFC) and North Carolina United Soccer Association (NCUSA)


Piedmont Triad Football Club (PTFC), Kernersville Soccer Association (KSA), Piedmont Soccer Alliance (PSA), and North Carolina United Soccer Association (NCUSA), are excited to announce NCUSA is joining the PTFC family beginning with the 2018-2019 season.
The joint vision of PTFC and NCUSA is to continue building a club that is inclusive for all children in the Piedmont Triad area, providing high quality competitive soccer that is not limited by location or socioeconomics. This combination will continue PTFC’s enhanced efforts to provide the best coaches, facilities, and player development with uncompromising levels of customer service.
PTFC is looking forward to our best and highest quality tryouts ever.  In 2017 PTFC won 4 NCYSA state championships, fielded a record number of Region III teams, and won numerous tournaments throughout the Southeast. The addition of NCUSA’s highly talented players and staff in the 2018-2019 season will enhance our teams across all levels of play.  The expansion of our training regimen to include the use of HUDL along with our continuing facility improvements will make 2018/2019 a year of unprecedented player development in our club.
PTFC’s focus will remain on developing players on and off the fields of play. The new structure will offer more options for players to compete at the appropriate levels of play while promoting player growth and advancement within the club.
Recreation soccer is a critical part of the success of PTFC. KSA, PSA and NCUSA’s strong recreation programs serve as the foundation of PTFC.  NCUSA’s addition in PTFC will enhance the resources available to all of our affiliated recreational programs while not disrupting the organizations who have so successfully built soccer in their communities.
PTFC Board of Directors