PTFC Recreation All-Star Program


Each spring, boys and girls players from the KSA and PSA recreation programs (8U, 10U, 12U) are nominated by their coaches, based on their outstanding performances during their recreation training and games, to participate in our PTFC Recreation All-Star player pool.  The nominated players are then offered the opportunity to take part in our All-Star assessments, run by our PTFC Staff coaches.  Each nominated player who participates in the All-Star assessments will be evaluated and become eligible to be placed on one of our PTFC All-Star teams, coached by one of our PTFC Staff coaches.  Not all players nominated to the All-Star player pool that attend the assessments will be selected to participate on the All-Star teams.  The PTFC Recreation All-Star teams will be formed after the completion of the All-Star assessments and will be based on the evaluation from our PTFC Staff coaches.  Once the All-Star teams are selected, they will begin training to prepare for a late-spring tournament.  The tournament will be the final event for the All-Star program each year.   


The PTFC Recreation All-Star program is designed to both reward our KSA, PSA recreational players for their outstanding performances, and also to provide a highly competitive platform for these players within the PTFC environment.  The training and tournament play are offered for the players to gain exposure to a higher level of play and competition in hopes to inspire each player to continue to develop their soccer abilities and increase their love of the game.


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