08 Triad Premier Girls Enjoy Opportunity & Charity in Roanoke

08 Triad Premier Girls Enjoy Opportunity & Charity in Roanoke



On July 17th, our 08 Triad Premier Girls enjoyed a multi-faceted soccer experience in Roanoke, Virginia.

The team was able to experience a "day in the life" of what a student athlete would experience at the college level. Roanoke College opened their doors for the team to get an inside look at their facilities and soccer culture.

"Many of our players have established long term goals to play at the collegiate level, so we want to show them that there are fantastic schools and programs all across the country. We encourage our players to be ambitious on and off the field, so it was an applicable and unique experience to be able to have this inside look at Roanoke, where they excel with both their athletics and academics," said Marshall Hodge, PTFC Technical Director and coach of 08 Triad Premier Girls.

In collaboration with Fútbol Maestro, a soccer training company in the Roanoke area, the girls were able to hear new perspectives on their training as the new Fall season approaches. Coach Philani Mlotshwa, assistant coach for Roanoke Men's Soccer and Founder of Fútbol Maestro, led the team through various session activities that he uses to help his players prepare for their college season.

In addition to the soccer and tours around campus, the team was able to collect 40+ pairs of cleats to donate to the Fútbol Scholars foundation. They will be used by Coach Philani to support the foundation's goal to provide training, soccer gear, and school supplies to low-income communities in his home nation of Zimbabwe.

"In my culture we say 'umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu' which means 'I am because you are '. Because of PTFC and their donation, these kids can play, dream, and succeed," says Coach Philani.

08 Triad Premier donating cleats for the Fútbol Scholars foundation (top). Coach Philani's last trip to provide used gear to young players in Zimbabwe (bottom).

We would like to give a special thanks to Phil Benne, John Farmer, and the rest of Roanoke College Athletics for making this experience possible.

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